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Title: jetski headset?
Post by: cobia1742 on May 09, 2014, 09:14:30 PM
For all you gadget people out there....about a year ago I bought a waterproof headset to put on my helmet for motorcycle street riding. It worked better than I could have imagined. So well in fact, I put one on my dirt bike helmet too. This got me to thinking that it would be cool on a jetski as well. How great would it be to warn folks of a hazard? Or for the ride leader to see how things are going in the back? is my version of a jetski headset: (
I used a Sena SMH10 motorcycle helmet communicator and attached the mount to a standard set of ear protectors (and ran the speakers to each ear piece). These are great as not only can you talk to each other, you can listen to music (off your phone or blue tooth device), and you can receive phone calls too. They come with a helmet mount (extra mounts are cheap, use one for helmet, one for jetski headset) and a electronic module that does the actual communications. Voila! You have a jet ski headset! Note that not all blue tooth headsets will communicate with each other. Range depends on conditions. Usually line of sight but I have done much better than that...also much worse (when we went around a rock face in Utah). The mic is live and has no wind noise below ~55mph. Above that I turn the sound down or slow down.
We plan to start testing these headsets soon...get with me to try one.

Title: Re: jetski headset?
Post by: cobia1742 on April 09, 2016, 10:40:46 PM
Looks like about everyone has one of these now (well...~1/2 of the regular riders do anyway). Forget the can barely hear them. These work great and you can also listen to music off your phone or answer / make a phone calls (hands free). If you have not tried one of these...get with a club member that does. Then you will be the next person to get one as everyone that tried it has one

Title: Re: jetski headset?
Post by: cobia1742 on April 12, 2016, 07:48:46 AM
Here's a few more notes on how to make these headsets. I found the 3-M Peltor headset works best for this mod. Other headsets will work...but this one works best. I pull apart the ear protectors to install the speakers. While apart I heat up one side from the inside with a heat gun (if you heat the outside it will bubble and look ugly). Use gloves and apply the heat slowly. When the plastic becomes soft press the Sena mount into the plastic so the headset conforms to the Sena mount. Hold it there until it cools. Mark the shape of the bottom of the mount on the headset with a pencil. Then take the helmet bracket and lay it on the ear protector lining it up with the pencil outline. Drill holes in the ear protector that match the bracket.  Then install the Sena mount using the screws for the helmet bracket (no longer need the bracket). I used a hacksaw to cut small notches for the speaker wires. After I reassemble the headset I fill the wire notches with black RTV. I tie wrapped the speaker wire that goes from one side to the other to the headband that goes across the top. That's about it. I also use this setup while riding my utility quad. Good luck in making your own headset...

Title: Re: jetski headset?
Post by: Rowdy_Gator on June 21, 2017, 04:35:59 PM
Mine works great.  Had one get wet and Sena replaced the boom assembly free of charge. 

Title: Re: jetski headset?
Post by: cobia1742 on August 05, 2018, 07:32:02 PM
I have dropped mine in the water numerous times. Sometimes if it gets wet (like it falls in the water) the mic will quit working. I put it in a zip lock bag with rice or damp rid overnight and it's fine.