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Author Topic: Jetski 101 Class 2  (Read 1741 times)
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« on: August 04, 2017, 02:26:18 PM »

Ride Safety (please read all the way to the end)

Riding safe is “no accident”. Here’s some tips on riding safe in a group:

A. Always maintain a safe distance in front of your ski. Close enough you can see the guy in front of you in the turns, far enough back you have time to stop quickly if needed.
 B. Use hand signals especially if you slow down quickly.
 C. Always monitor the Jet Ski behind you. If the rider behind you disappears, please slow down and stop. Stay where you are and let the ride leader see what happened (no need to waste more gas than necessary). The ride leader cannot see everyone so it is up to individuals to help. If you are not seeing the guy in front of you…it means you are going too slow…pick up the pace. If you get too far behind- remember to “follow the bubbles” and it will lead you to the group. No bubbles and don’t know where to go? Stop and wait. Do not “drive around looking for the group” or the leader may never find you.
 D. In smaller channels, we ride in single file- this makes for a much better ride for everyone. If we ride 4 abreast, the riders 3 or 4 skis back get a lousy choppy ride. No fun in that…
E. Do not- I repeat DO NOT EVER ride alongside the ride leader or in his/her blind spot. If he turns- he may or may not see you. He/she is watching the path or looking at the GPS and may turn right into you.
 F. On a skinny part of the river, always slow down for small boats, kayaks and fisherman. In FL, you are responsible for your own wake. Capsize someone and you are responsible. If the river is wider, we’ll stay as far away from them as possible (the other side of the river).
 G. Go slow in No Wake areas
 H. Go slow in all Harbor/Marinas and Ramp areas (sign or no sign, this is just common sense)
 I. If you have to leave the ride, make sure the leader knows you are departing on your own so we do not come looking for you.
 J. Horseplay:
 Being outdoors in the sun jumping wakes and splashing around is always fun. Sometimes it’s fun to splash each other too, right? Oh course, some people might take offence to that, maybe even getting angry about it. More importantly…it’s just not safe. I’m sure everyone has heard horror stories about people playing around splashing each other and then they hit a funny wake or mis-calculate the turn and the skis collide. Forget the damage to the ski’s…people can get seriously hurt or killed doing this. Don’t say “this would never happen to me”, that’s why they are called accidents. I know a bunch of us are guilty (myself included) of splashing each other, but it’s just not worth the risk. Our club promotes safe, smart riding…we need to set the example and discontinue this type of “fun”. I guess we’ll have to find a different way to splash someone that’s safe, like when the ski is not on a plane. Maybe turn your “pisser” on and catch them idling around (LOL)? I’ll come up with something…
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