Code of Ethics

1. I will respect the rights of all users of the recreational waterways, both on public waters and on private property.
2. I will be considerate at the launch ramps and docks, and I will get on and off the ramps briskly and not delay others.
3. I will follow the navigation rules of the road around all other vessels, and I will learn and observe my state's rules on wake jumping.
4. I will give all anchored or drifting vessels plenty of room.
5. I will always operate at headway speed in "no wake" zones.
6. When approaching shore, I will be especially aware of swimmers & other craft near shore.
7. I will not disturb wildlife, and I will avoid areas posted for the protection of wildlife.
8. I will not litter the shore side, and I will be careful with my fuel.
9. I realize that my travel speed should be determined by my equipment, ability, weather and wave conditions, and especially other vessel traffic. In case of emergency, I will volunteer assistance.
10. I will not interfere with or harass others. I realize that people judge all personal watercraft by my actions.
11.I will pay close attention to the noise my vessel may make and be aware of how others on boats & on shore react to that noise.

Membership Requirements

(1) A signed Membership Form
(2) A desire to have safe boating fun!
Club dues are collected annually. Dues are $15 for single membership and $25 for a family membership. The Space Coast Jet Riders Club is a nonprofit, AWA-sanctioned organization with all proceeds being used for club operations, functions and charitable donations. We also encourage our members to know the Boating and Waterways rules and regulations. The Space Coast Jet Riders do not condone alcohol abuse or the use of drugs. As a club, we want all our members to project a positive image for our sport. The ultimate goal is safe fun for everyone!
All club rides and events will be posted in the newsletter along with more up-to-date information on the Space Coast Jet Riders Club web site. Last minute rides along with Hooky Rides will be sent out by email to you. It is the responsibility of each member to meet at the launch ramp at the designated time and have a blast!
If you are interested in joining our club, click on the link below for a copy of our Membership Form. Print the form to your printer, fill out the necessary information, and bring your signed membership form and check to our monthly meeting or mail the membership form and your check to Treasurer Brooks Jones at the below address:
PO Box 360095 Melbourne Florida 32936-0095

Space Coast Jet Riders
Membership Form