Lone Cabbage Trip

Greetings me hearties!!...Well we had another great ride today!!...We left the ramp at Lake Washington and before we even pulled away, I snagged the coveted (more like dreaded) "Squirrel Hunting Award" for myself!!...It seems that on a rare occasion, I washed down the inside of my ski after the Jensen Beach trip last week...and yep...you got it!...I left my drain plugs open!!!...So there I was ready to take off when luckily I realized it!!...Thankfully Roddey still had his trailer in the water at the ramp so I put my ski on his trailer and he pulled up on the ramp...Let me tell ya...every bit of 50 gallons of water drained out of those two little holes!!!... ...Cant imagine what might have happened if we had left......Once we got past my faux pas, we headed north, nine skis in all...We were still able to run across the airboat ramp and continued up to Oakhead where we stopped to chat and solve the problems of the world...That being accomplished, we rode up to Lone Cabbage for lunch!...After some tasty fare, most of us ran up Taylor's Creek which proved to be quite fruitful, that is if you like collecting underwater foliage in your intake grate!! Then it was up to the Bluff to escape some rain in the area where we hung out...again!!...By then the weather looked less ominous so we headed back to Lake Washington!!...There was just enough chop to make for an exhilarating ride back!...Another SCJR dandy!!! Jetski John