Lone Cabbage Trip

Great ride today. We had 11 skis and put in ~90 miles. While up by Loughmans Lodge we also ran up to Salt Lake, Little Salt Lake and went under the Hwy 46 bridge to 6 Mile Creek Landing. Then we went back to Loughmans for lunch before trying to navigate the "east pass" going back to Hwy 50. Lol...and that's where the trouble started! Somehow we got off the river and ended up on a air boat trail that dwindled down to nothing. It was so skinny there was no place to turn around. Three of us got weeds so tangled around our props we could not move (literally). Took us an hour cutting away the weeds to get going again (working in the water as there was no land for miles). Needless to say...we went back the old way after that just beating the big storm to the north. I'll try the east pass again another day but with a smaller group. Regardless...we had a great time. I cant wait to do this ride again.