Oklawaha River Ride

Ahoy SCJR Nation!!....We had one helluva ride yesterday!...The day began with getting up at 'O-dark thirty'..(that's real early!)...We took a 2 1/2 hour ride up to Welaka which is, if you drew a line from Daytona across the state to Cedar Key, just about in the middle...We arrived in this one horse town and had our skis in the water by 9 AM...We were 12 skis in all and headed out into the St Johns, which is quite nice up there with houses and commercial properties along the shores...We darted right over to the Oklawaha River and began an exciting 12 mile ride of some of the best twists and turns I've ever been on!!...The river varies from 15-25 feet wide with huge, beautiful trees lining both sides as it twists its way southward...The ride was very challenging due to the tightness of the banks with fallen trees and stumps in the water at almost every turn!!...We soon reached the damn, which is the end of the run at this portion of the Oklawaha stopping for a breather, after pissing off some unreasonable fishermen...lol...From there we ran back over the St Johns to Lee Lunkers Lodge for lunch...took forever to get served, but very tasty!!...We then headed out towards Lake George stopping at Salt Springs...At the spring's start we stopped and swam, snorkeled and just played in the year round 72 degree clear water and best of all...they had yummy ice cream there!!!...From there, we headed out to Lake George and made our way to Silver Glen, another spring fed tributary loaded with boats and folks enjoying themselves!...After a relaxing stay there, we headed back to the ramp to load up the extra fuel we brought and made a bee-line back to the Oklawaha...we just had to due the 24 mile roundtrip of those twisties ONE MORE TIME!!!...even though it was approaching 6 PM by now!.....By the time we got in and everyone was out of the water, it was getting dark and we still had a 2 1/2 hour ride home plus stopping for dinner!!...By the time I got home it was 12:30 AM the NEXT day!!!....Long hours...but worth every single minute of them!!!...If you didn't go, you missed a dandy!!!....Talk at ya soon...and as always...LETS RIDE!!! Jetski John