Alligator Chain Of Lakes Ride

Ahoy mateys!...Well in true SCJR fashion, we had another great adventure yesterday!!...Capt Bill led a total of 13 skis on a ride that began in Ed Stone Park, Deland...We headed north on the St Johns which took us through scenic Astor and on to our first stop, Silver Glen Springs...We hung there for awhile conversing with our fellow clubbers and enjoying the sun and the water...It basically was a one beer stop however, some who will remain nameless...had two!!...Off we rode again, heading for our next destination...Salt Springs...There we had our lunch and since its available there, indulged in ice cream...yum!!!..While at Salt Springs we ran into Bob Stacey, the Finance mgr of Deland Motorsports...He was riding a new badass machine!!!...He explained that he was "breaking it in" for 6 hrs before shipping it to Libya....He said they ship about a container a month of "used" skis to Libya!... We left Salt Springs and set out for our final destination...the Ocklawaha River...There we did the always enjoyable 12 miles of twisting turns up to the Rodman Dam and ...12 miles back!!!...By then everyone was pretty low on fuel and we had about 10 miles to get to a fuel dock...It caused some anxious moments and annoying beeping, but we all made it by hook or crook!!! was time to head back to our starting point, which we arrived at close to 6 PM and 124 miles later!!!...It was a great day and our thanks to Capt Bill! Jetski John