Lone Cabbage Trip

Spacecoast Jetriders and OWR scored another winner this weekend!!!... Headquarters for our weekend of fun was the "beautiful" Star Motel ($35 a night ) in the thriving megalopolis of Folkston , Ga!!!...Where??......Since we had 20 plus skis, we split into two groups, alternating rivers and days to keep the number of skis in each group down and early Friday morning we shoved off!...Shortly, we arrived at the ramp on the Satilla River and launched 14 skis...We headed West/North on the Satilla which was loaded with twists and turns and laden with sandbars, roots, stumps and even full size trees laying in the river...The foliage along the banks was absolutely beautiful!!...We continued winding our way, mile after mile...At one point we actually had to stop to move a fallen tree so we could get through!!...At another point we came upon a tree that had fallen across the river that was too big to move, so one at a time, we had to force our jetskis over the tree under power!!!...We continued 44 miles upriver, where we stopped to eat our packed lunches....After that it was time for the return trip which offered all the same challenges and we wound up logging about 90 miles total for the day!!!....Arriving back to "the lap of luxury"...(the Star Motel), we showered and went out to one of the two restaurants in Folkston, this one being the Okefenokee Restaurant...It was Friday night so we were treated to a fish fry buffet!!...They had fish and shrimp and catfish and frogs legs and gumbos and jambalayas and crabs made every which way but loose!!...For those that didn't have a taste for seafood, the owner was out in the parking lot cookin' rib eyes on the grill!!!...After that, it was back to HQ to sit in the parking lot viewing the photos taken during the day on a big screen TV!!...It was like being at the drive-in!!!...By then exhaustion had set in for everyone and it was time to turn in ...where by the way, you could watch all of the low end, amateur porn your stomach could handle...for FREE!!!...lol...Saturday morning brought some fog which burned off early as we headed to the ramp on the St Marys River!...Like the Satilla, the St Marys is another remote, blackwater stream but totally different in that it is much, much wider and has many beautiful homes lining it's banks along the way as it meanders all the way to the Atlantic, at Fernandina Beach and Amelia Island!!...As we got down river, we happened across a beautiful, quaint riverside town that shares the name of the river it sits on...St Marys, Ga... As luck would have it, was celebrating it's annual Rock Shrimp Festival and the waterfront town was teeming with food vendors, old cars, artists, merchants and the like for us to enjoy!!!...We stayed and perused and enjoyed all they had to offer and set out for our next stop, which was Cumberland Island where we had hoped to explore the Dungeoness ruins and the natural habit where wild horses run free...We all arrived and pulled up on the beach (really it was mud...lol) where we were greeted by a gentlemen on a four-wheeler and he told us that due to the 'government shutdown', the island was off limits and patrolled by a federal ranger who would ticket us if we stayed!!...She soon showed up and confirmed this for us...what a crock that was...Like we couldn't walk around and look at an open air facility......Gimme a break, huh!!! So at that point, reluctantly, we left...some headed off to Crooked River State Park, while myself and others ran down to Amelia Island!!...Once tied up at the city marina, we walked into town where we happened upon the "oldest saloon in Florida", the Palace Saloon!!!...Once in there, we had a few drinks and sang along with the singer/guitar player who would do requests!...By then it was time to regroup with everyone for the long trek back, as the sun was settling in the sky!...We shoved off and made our way back up the St Marys where the glare from the sun and the sun's reflection in the water, made it extremely difficult to see the twists and turns we encountered all the way back!!!...Staunch as we are, we arrived back at the ramp just before dusk having ridden some 160 miles!!!....Back to the Star where we showered and set out to dinner!...This time a few of us went to the OTHER restaurant in town which was nothing more than a shack called Jalen's!...Looking shaky at best upon entering, we sat down and ordered...We were treated to some yummy barbecue and southern fare and even managed to take a picture with the owner who was appreciative of our patronage!!!...By that time, most were thoroughly exhausted and we retired after some reminiscent chatter of the days events!!!.... Sunday morning brought more fog as we set out for Welaka, Fl...Arriving there, we launched our skis and ran a beautiful section of the Ocklawaha River which is loaded with invigorating, adrenaline pumping, twists, turns and obstacles!!!...The stretch is about 12 miles to the dam where navigation ends...There we lunched and chatted about our phenomenal weekend before heading back!!...After logging some 300 miles for the weekend, the worst part was taking the skis OUT of the water...knowing it was time to go home!!!...Fun was had by all and our collective, sincere appreciation goes out to Capt Bill for captaining this excellent event and getting us through it safely!!!!....It was a DANDY!!!!! Jetski John