West Coast Extravaganza 2018

Greetings my fine finned mates!...We had our West Coast Extravaganza this past weekend and it certainly lived up to its name!...Our home base was the Best Western Resort in Crystal River and it was an excellent facility...Members came from far and wide, as far as North Carolina and Canada!.....Friday morning gave way to sunshine filled skies and had 21 skis launching (a couple before the trailer even got in the water!...LOL...So much for Armour Alling the bunks!)...We headed out on the Crystal River and onto the Homosassa River taking in the sites they offered like Monkey Island and others...From there, we ran out into the Gulf, which was like a sheet of glass and crystal clear!...We probably logged 15 miles on the Gulf and it was time to call it a day...Returning, we got all skis out in record time, as only SCJR can do!...After hitting the showers, we meandered over to Crackers restaurant for some yummy chow and excellent band entertainment...This was followed by our tradition of making our way to the ice cream shop to put the cap on a perfect day!.....Saturday blessed us with continued great weather as we trailered up to the Suwanee River, this time with 23 skis!...Launching, we followed the Suwanee to the Santa Fe River which led us to the Itchetucknee, taking detours along the way for the many springs and creeks we came across...We encountered numerous tubers and kayaks on the Santa Fe which led to a lot of idling, but it was great just being out there with so many good friends!...Our return trip was a little dicey as fuel was running low, even with extra gas, but as always, we all managed to get back safely!...After returning to our home-base we decided to do something a little different...Instead of heading to a restaurant, the usual, we took over the conference room at the Best Western and ordered food in!...It turned out to be a real fun evening, as we exchanged stories and tales all evening...Laughter was abound but Doug won the funniest story award with his hysterical delivery of losing his truck underwater at the ramp last year!...Not that it was funny that it happened, but his description was truly a riot!...After breaking up, a few of us "gentlemen" made our way over to Crackers again for some drinks, enjoying each others company and some more of that good band.....Sunday once again offered sunny skies for our group which had dwindled to 17 skis...We started our return trip home and stopped to launch at the Withlacoochee River...It offered a lot of twists and turns (my personal fav) and led us to the Rainbow River...By now it was time to head back as the weekend, sadly, had come to an end...All and all it was a perfect weekend, filled with lots of adventure and great friends!...A great big "Thank you", once again, goes out to our priceless skipper, Bill Hills,for all his time and effort in putting another "winner" together!!!...As always...
Ride Safe - Ride Smart!
Jetski Johnny